animated line for JP Morgan

End of last year JP Morgan contacted me to help to create an animated short for their philanthropic giving division. The art director just sent me the finalized cut, and says it was a huge success: people loved it and year-end giving was way up as a result. Isn't that wonderful; everybody was a winner with this project! Follow link and scroll down their page to see film...

The Year of the Liar

Well you would have thought we'd gotten to a point in civilization where we could all agree that lying is an inherently bad thing. That if you were caught in an error of judgement, and were presented with evidence, that you should and would own up, instead of doubling down, Especially if you are in a position of authority.

I decided to see what our forefathers: previous presidents, founding fathers, etc had to say about lying, and it has inspired me to create a series of animated gifs...

2016 Artists of the Year

This was a commission from City Arts Magazine. Every year they commission me to draw portraits honoring Seattle's worthiest artists of the year. The good folks here represent the best of Seattle’s culture in many ways; Dance, Music, Film, Visual arts, activist posters, activist culture (Amelia Bonow’s ‘Shout Your Abortion’ movement, Natasha Marin's 'Reparations' project)

Lower left to lower right: Dave B, Donald Byrd, Amelia Bonow, John Criscitello, Tariqa Waters, Shannon Perry, Nate Gowdy, Natasha Marin, Christopher Paul Jordan, Clyde Peterson

Lower left to lower right: Dave B, Donald Byrd, Amelia Bonow, John Criscitello, Tariqa Waters, Shannon Perry, Nate Gowdy, Natasha Marin, Christopher Paul Jordan, Clyde Peterson


I am tasked with arranging these folks in a way that they are mildly interacting. In previous years I have arranged them having cocktails around a piano, draped in and around a restaurant booth, etc. This year I have them arranged in a nod to Vanity Fair’s Annie Liebovitz academy award winners tableaus. Rather than taking/engaging with one another they sit together and gaze out at the viewer. I think it works really well. Congratulations Everybody!


Let the animation begin...

So I have a broken arm. It's my non-dominant arm, so could be worse, but I had to resign myself to a lot more time lying down (way more comfortable than sitting up), which meant iPad, which meant why not hone my animation skills?! Perfect excuse. So get ready for a series of postings of animation explorations. First up, Roald Dahl:




Huge thanks to The Stranger magazine for the excuse/opportunity to draw Prince. I felt a huge weight of responsibility with this one; there are SO MANY adoring, grieving fans here in Seattle... I had to get it right!

Audible Range/ Moby Dick

These are for "Audible Range", a new editorial area on Audible which "will divulge on all things about listening, voice, and storytelling".


The piece for which I created these illustrations was written by a woman who has a deep love for audio books, inspired by her inability to read with proficiency due to Dyslexia. She specifically relates how an otherwise tedious car commute was utterly transported by listening to all of Moby Dick. For image inspiration I seized on the jumble of word forms created by Dyslexia, which formed the turbulent sea setting for Moby Dick.

sad little pug

here's a sad little personal project, an ode to my friend's lovely pug who just passed away. i will miss you, Yao Ming!

Muriel Spark

I'm a bit ashamed to admit, I am only just now getting around to reading Muriel Spark. I have had "The Prime of Miss Jean Brody" sitting on my shelf forever. Then I got to draw her for Intelligent Life Magazine

Muriel Spark

Muriel Spark

I love these author assignments, they afford me the excuse to learn about authors that are new to me, or revisit old acquaintances!


Here are two very different commissions that went on to be a couple of my favorites last year, and the subjects for both are named Wally!

The first is of the late great designer, Wally Olins. I was not acquainted with him, but a designer in London reached out to me to see if I'd like to create a portrait of him, to be accompanied by portraits from the same reference material by other illustrators, which would then all be culminated into one source and distributed to art directors. it was a worthy and interesting cause; I love the premise of being able to compare illustrators in such a definitive way. Here is what I came up with, along with the reference material supplied to all of the artists:

as with all my portraits, I redirected his gaze out, to engage the viewer

as with all my portraits, I redirected his gaze out, to engage the viewer

The second Wally is Wally the beloved pet. I don't normally do pets, but back in November I was trying to come up with a way to raise money for KEXP (the best radio station in the world) and it occurred to me that I could create pet portraits at a price point that would draw a lot of interest. Boy did it! I was overwhelmed by the response. And it was a bit heart-breaking, as many commissioned were for pets who'd been recently lost. This Wally fell in to that category. I was so happy to bring these folks a bit of joy to remember their pals, as witnessed here:

Rockster Econoom!

I have a lovely new gig with a Dutch Magazine Elsevier Juist. First assignment was for Israeli "Economic Rockstar" Guy Rolnick. They wanted only a hint of color, and I gave him a little badass attitude as well. I am posting the whole pdf because I just love the phrase "Rockster Econoom". My new goal is to be a "Rockster Illustroom"


oh the passion, the theater, the flopping and vampirism. Here are some of my favorite blokes to watch this year:

some of my favorites to watch
Blue vs Blue

Winky & Puffy

I am realizing my portraits to life. If the future of images is online, might as well make them wink!                                                              


Owls are in the air, so to speak...

This year I've had two lovely owl-themed commissions. The first was for a logo for "Little Owl Urns". The business-owner needed a logo to imprint on the bottoms of the ceramic and wooden urns she creates for beloved pets. I added more background afterwards, just for fun:


in folklore, owls shepherd spirits safely to the underworld 

in folklore, owls shepherd spirits safely to the underworld 

The second commission was for a wine merchant, Rookwood & Perry, in the Hudson River Valley. I am not sure why they felt an owl was needed for their image, but I sure enjoyed drawing it!

note: I in no way condone owls drinking wine 

note: I in no way condone owls drinking wine 

Wendy's "Hidden Message"

I have been receiving links to this all day, re: the hidden message of "MOM" in Wendy's collar. Ha! My mom actually detected this way back when it was unveiled, and I did not disabuse her of the notion. But no, it was not intended. My work is so calligraphic, I expect it is full of unintended messages like this one.


The Pope Saga

In honor of our new pope, The Stranger republished this hilarious feature by Lindy West from the archives, a brief history of the papacy, highlights of the great and not so...

Pope Ratzinger

Pope Ratzinger

Pope Alexander VI has a secret

Pope Alexander VI has a secret

Pope Innocent (?) IV

Pope Innocent (?) IV

Classic Style for Grimm's Tale

"The Cat and the Mouse Set Up House"


That is the title of the Grimm's Fairy Tale which these accompany in the holiday issue of Waitrose Magazine, a lovely glossy publication full of recipes and ideas for foodies. This is one of 50 of Grimm's tales, as retold by Phillip Pullman. It features a good-hearted, over-trusting mouse, a salivating cat, and a small pot of fat. I am sad to say, two of those three subjects do not survive to the end of the story...